Upfor provides advisory services to individual and corporate clients to build, install and maintain artworks and collections. Our relationships with artists and other galleries provide access to a wide range and high quality of existing and commissioned artwork. We combine this access with full gallery services including framing, crating, shipping, delivery, installation and lighting. 

To avoid conflicts of interest, advisory services are offered at an hourly rate. Artwork and commissions from gallery artists are sold without additional markup. No commission is charged on artwork sourced from other artists or galleries.

Depending on the complexity of an engagement, advisory services can involve:


  • Working with the client to establish conceptual and aesthetic goals and criteria.
  • Establishing a timeline and budget.
  • Outlining physical locations and requirements for artwork.
  • Creating virtual spaces for design reviews.

Selection and acquisition

  • Establishing or participating in selection committees.
  • Managing call for entry or commission processes.
  • Facilitating purchase or commissions.

Production and installation

  • Overseeing production and framing.
  • Arranging shipping and (as needed) storage.
  • Evaluating or providing lighting plans.
  • Installing of artwork.
  • Re-hanging or re-installing artwork periodically to provide a fresh experience.


  • Providing provenance, insurance value and maintenance documentation.
  • Arranging written materials and/or events to welcome artwork into a new environment and provide contextual information for viewers.


Please e-mail us for further information.