3D printed artwork enters a new phase

We've had a big year so far for awkward moments involving sculptures of vaginas. (It doesn't take a lot to have a big year; two incidents as summarized by the Guardian.) Most recently a female Japanese artist was arrested for distributing data representing a 3D "vagina selfie" as part of a crowd-funding campaign intended to fund her building a kayak in said form. 

I haven't seen (or indeed kayaked in) the work of Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi, so I cannot offer any critique thereof. I know next to nothing about Japanese obscenity laws; I do know a bit about their data privacy laws which are fierce and exemplary. I really cannot analyze the situation from a remotely informed perspective.

But I do have to wonder if any arrest would have resulted in her simply sculpting a vaginal self portrait by hand from traditional casting techniques and materials. Somehow I doubt it. We have here an odd intersection of modeling technology, fundraising technology, and artistic intent – one that has led to a very uncomfortable situation for an artist whose intent was not remotely obscene.