Future Ruins: Rodrigo Valenzuela at Frye Art Museum

Rodrigo Valenzuela's solo exhibition, Future Ruins, opened at the end of January at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle and runs through April 19, 2015. We are honored to show a subset of works on exhibition at the Frye here at the gallery in March.

The Frye provides a lot of space, figuratively and literally, for the artist's ongoing, unfolding exploration of social issues (to name a few: migration, labor practice, income inequality and institutional critique). One of the things that so impresses me about his work is that Rodrigo tackles thorny moral and political questions while also delving without reservation into art historical, formal and artistic process investigations. And he doesn't neglect aesthetics.

The Frye exhibition has received some nice press attention that we've rounded up here. Below you can catch a preview in a video made by the artist, and installation images by Mark Woods, provided courtesy of the Frye Art Museum.