Lattice~Face Parameter Chant

October 3 to November 1, 2013

Liquid transistors, nano-looms and insect tools populate Brenna Murphy’s labyrinthian landscapes. Using repetition and meditative intuition, Murphy seeks to engage the universe in visual rhythms. She likens her technique to the process of discerning language patterns in what at first appears to be noise.

To create this temporary, site-specific installation, Murphy composed digitally-constructed works on paper, mirrors, sand and sculpture produced by mechanical cutting devices and 3D printing. She alterd and scaled repeating patterns, and manipulated textures and light until an uncanny world emerged that alludes to ancient civilizations and contemporary technology. Through these combinations and contrasts, Murphy brings virtual work into the physical realm in a cohesive balance.

The transitory nature of her recent installations are in part influenced by the artist's interest in the Navajo tradition of sand paintings, which are produced as a rite in carefully orchestrated ceremonies called "chants." Chants are both visual and auditory. The process is understood as a living, sacred entity that connects people to a sense of unity with life and allows mythic events to live in the present. Murphy's ritualistic process embraces mystical spirituality juxtaposed with technological means of production. For the artist, these are not oppositional ideas, but rather complimentary tools for engaging with cosmic frameworks.