Morehshin Allahyari featured by National Geographic's Genius

Morehsin Allahyari discusses two major projects for National Geographic's Genius, Material Speculation: ISIS and She Who Sees the Unknown. Material Speculation works have exhibited internationally at institutions such as the Centre Pompidou, France; Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Germany and Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Australia. Upfor recently presented the first three from a planned series of twelve She Who Sees figures at the Armory Show in New York.

Join us this evening during First Thursday for The Feeling Good Handbook

Join us this evening during First Thursday for The Feeling Good Handbook

BOMB's latest issue includes a conversation between The Feeling Good Handbook artists Heidi Hahn and Shana Moulton, introduced by exhibition curator Jordana Zeldin: ‘Human experience remains messy and ambivalent; I feel a kind of reassuring generosity in their exploration of those more difficult aspects, as if through their work they’re saying to all of us: “You’re not alone!” ‘

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Alix Pearlstein's Harem ROOM-1 and Two Women reviewed by Artforum

Alix Pearlstein's recent exhibition at Upfor, Harem ROOM-1 and Two Women, was reviewed by Jon Raymond in the recently released May issue of Artforum, available now to subscribers online. If you would like to read the review in PDF form, please email us at

In these exceedingly vulgar times, feminists have been forced to develop an array of responses to daily onslaughts of abuse, some blunt, some subtle. Alix Pearlstein’s recent show at Upfor offered a particularly sophisticated take on contemporary power dynamics, in the form of an installation ringing with implacable ontological implications about gender and society that will, sadly, probably still be relevant a hundred years from now.
— Jon Raymond for Artforum
  Alix Pearlstein,  Harem ROOM–1  (detail), 2016 . Installation view. Photo: Mario Gallucci.

Alix Pearlstein, Harem ROOM–1 (detail), 2016. Installation view. Photo: Mario Gallucci.


Ralph Pugay collaborates to present Portland Tropical Garden

In a new project on the edge of Director Park, Ralph Pugay takes on the role of director for Portland Tropical Gardens, created in collaboration with MFA students from PSU's Art and Social Practice program. The project builds on Pugay's interest in finding creative ways to address what is commonly called Seasonal Affective Disorder, first manifested in the 2016 project S.A.D. Park, created in collaboration with Ariana Jacob for a Houseguest Residency.

Pugay and his students recently spoke to April Baer about Portland Tropical Garden:

Pugay, who’s best known for his witty, affecting paintings centering on emotional and cultural propriety, has become part of the Art and Social Practice MFA program at Portland State University. It’s a home for all kinds of projects that make our interactions with each other the subject and object of artists’ work.

Portland Parks Bureau came to the college to find out if artists would be interested in using some of the bureau’s temporarily vacant spaces.

So Pugay and four of his students filled the building with plants, but also with activities designed to soothe depression, loneliness and other modern conditions.
— April Baer for KOUW
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