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Now available: Phone Book by Julie Green

The inimitable Julie Green was by the gallery recently to sign and number the first batch of her new artist monograph, Phone Book, published by Upfor. The paintings of various people’s phone screens documented in the monograph were created between 2011 and 2017.

From the book: “I painted the first phone, my own, the day after I got contact lenses. I could see! And I was amazed at the beauty of the phone apps, a contemporary Fabergé egg.” Looking closer, we can read these personal devices as a kind of portraiture.

Order an early book in the edition for the promotional price of just $20 via Upfor Editions - and you can skip shipping if you pick it up at Upfor. Promotional pricing ends December 31, 2017. Shipping orders placed before December 18 should arrive by or before December 24.

Source: https://upforgallery.com/publications/juli...