Morgan Buck: Goggles Glazed Over opens First Thursday in the backroom

Morgan Buck,  Puppies Want to Play? , 2018, acrylic on canvas, 64 x 42 inches. Photo by Jason Horvath, courtesy the artist.

Morgan Buck, Puppies Want to Play?, 2018, acrylic on canvas, 64 x 42 inches. Photo by Jason Horvath, courtesy the artist.

Backroom exhibition:
Morgan Buck
Goggles Glazed Over

First Thursday opening February 7, 6:00 – 8:00pm (artist present)

Portland-based painter Morgan Buck distorts and blurs images culled from the web using a smartphone's panorama photo feature and a handheld magnifier, before carefully translating the results in airbrushed paint. This process removes digital signifiers like pixelation and glitches, leaving viewers with a generatively produced work that appears, in his words, "indistinguishable from a genuine work of imaginative thought."

OregonLive: Rebecca Reeve's Sun Breathing an exhibit "to include in your New Year's resolutions"

Tomorrow during the monthly First Thursday art walk, Upfor debuts Rebecca Reeve’s new series, Sun Breathing. The exhibition remains on view through March 2, 2019. OregonLive includes it in their list of “exhibits to include in your New Year’s resolutions,” writing:

“Following her extensive photographic series "Through Looking," British artist Rebecca Reeve's new exhibition at Upfor revisits her surreal images of painted Venetian blinds superimposed upon lush, saturated landscape photographs. In her latest works, Reeve positions the blinds between the viewer and the picture where they act as a portal into the many-hued and otherworldly natural landscape.”

Art Focus interviews Ralph Pugay

Earlier this week, KBOO aired an interview with Ralph Pugay on Art Talk, a radio program hosted by Joseph Gallivan. In the interview, “Pugay talks about the semiotics of his imagery, his learning the CMYK screen printing process, and his use of gestures relating to swimming and ecstatic dance when using ink on paper.” The episode is now available online.

Pugay’s solo exhibition, A Spiritual Guide to Brute Force, is on view in our main gallery through December 22, 2018.

Amy Stephens' Land | Reland recently featured in four publications: visit by Saturday to see the exhibition

Amy Stephens’ minimalist sculptures and their thoughtful installation are discussed in these recent articles and interviews from 60 Inch Center, This is Tomorrow, Wall Street International and Ravelin.

Don’t miss Land | Reland [Portland], on view through Saturday, October 27. Her related exhibition at William Benington Gallery, Land | Reland [London] continues through November 17.