Forms of payment

Artwork may not be collected from Upfor or shipped without verified payment. If payment cannot be verified at time of sale, the Gallery will hold the artwork until payment can be verified. We accept checks, wire transfers and major credit cards. Checks are accepted if held for verification, which may take up to one business day. Credit cards are subject to a 3% transaction fee for amounts over $500. International wire transfers are subject to a $15 fee per transaction.


Shipping and installation of artwork is at Buyer's expense, unless otherwise noted at time of sale. For many but not all works, delivery within Portland city limits is complimentary.


Buyer shall not resell artwork purchased from Upfor until the artwork is paid for and collected, delivered or shipped to the Buyer or Buyer's common carrier. If Buyer decides to sell a work purchased from Upfor within one (1) year of the date of purchase, Buyer agrees that the artwork will be offered back to Upfor or Artist at the fair market value. Upfor or Artist reserves the right of refusal to purchase the Property at fair market value. 


Buyers can return artwork within 7 days of purchase for a refund or credit; the refund or credit will be issued upon receipt of the artwork at Upfor in as-sold condition. Buyers are responsible for appropriate packing/crating and shipping, and for insurance of the artwork while in Buyer's possession and in transit. Artwork and framing damaged while in Buyer's possession or in shipping/transit to Upfor for return will not be accepted for return and no refund or credit will be issued. 


We are pleased to offer a layaway plan for artwork priced at $1000 or above with the following requirements:

  • A deposit representing 20% of the sales price of the artwork must be verified at time of purchase. The artwork will then be marked as “sold” and held by Upfor until payment is completed.
  • Buyer may pay the balance due less deposit in equal installments over 12 (or fewer) months, with the monthly due date and amount established at time of sale.
  • Monthly payments must be made by check, wire transfer or credit card due at the predetermined date each month. We can charge a credit card monthly as a courtesy (see Forms of payment above).
  • If Buyer is more than 10 days late with a payment, or if Buyer's credit card charge is rejected, the layaway credit to date will be returned to Buyer in the form of a check, less the 20% deposit, and the artwork will be returned to salable inventory.
  • Upfor will make reasonable attempts to notify Buyer of late or missed payment or rejected credit card charges but Buyer is solely responsible for timely payments.
  • The sales price at the time of deposit will remain the same throughout the layaway.
  • Refunds, exchanges or changes in terms on layaways are not allowed.
  • The layaway item can be collected when the last payment installment is verified; until that time, title does not change to Buyer.
  • If Buyer chooses to cancel layaway at any point after the initial deposit, Upfor will retain a 20% deposit as a restocking fee. Any additional credit will be issued to Buyer in the form of a check within 30 days.

Please e-mail us with any inquiries.